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                  Kaleidoscope is the best!  The                           teachers and staff are amazing.  The                   summer camp is the best, my kids have so much fun with all their activities and trips.  My daughter graduated from preschool here and they did a great job preparing her for kindergarten.  All around fantastic place to bring your children.

Alyssa                                        7/17/18

              My son loves it here.  We changed              schools because it was an easier                commute for me and he cried to go back (which we did), and he continues to love it.

Kandyse                                    June 2018

2144 Route 130 N

Bordentown, NJ 08505



            My two kids have been attending               Kaleidoscope since September

            2015.  We are thoroughly pleased with the care and education they receive from the teachers and staff.  They have learned so much and continue to thrive.  My kids run up front to hug Ms. Jen and Ms. Lisa everyday before we leave.  There is always an owner available from open to close if we need anything.   I highly recommend Kaleidoscope to any family looking for good quality school.

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            Wonderful, Friendly, Loving                             Place For Children To Learn and


Matt J.                                           7/8/2017


                 Dear Jen, Lisa and Lisa:                 
                 I cannot even imagine sending my two                      children anywhere else but Kaleidoscope Academy.  I know every day that when I drop them off that they will be: loved; educated; made to feel special; comforted when needed; guided to make good decisions; celebrated for their individuality; and encouraged to do their best.  Your teachers are second to none.  It is evident in their daily interactions with the children and with the parents.  They take the time to fill in the parents about their child's day, beyond even what the daily sheet provides.  You can see the warmth in their interactions with the children.  Even as kids move up, your staff members still check up on former kids from their classes.  Your program is robust and filled with fun activities for the kids that help them to develop many different essential skills; nurtures their creativity; and promote their sense of self to flourish.  I know that my son is more than ready for Kindergarten and I am thrilled that my daughter will spend another two years at Kaleidoscope before she will enter Kindergarten.  Thank your for your professionalism and compassion. 



Elizabeth                                          2/7/18

          Great teachers and lots of                   activities.  Sometimes I get                 surprised at how much my 3 yr old knows and I know it's thanks to the teachers and staff here!

Nikki                                     7/12/18