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Summer just wouldn't be the same without the excitement and adventure of summer camp! Kids come together for a fun-filled summer of games, arts and crafts, water fun, sports, cooking, guests, field trips, and new friendships. 

At Kaleidoscope Academy in Bordentown, NJ, we are committed to the healthy development of kids through a broad range of activities that build self-confidence while instilling the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. 

Our camp counselors will get to know your child personally and ensure that he or she child has a memorable and fun-filled summer. 

Each week, we present exciting themes that will keep your camper interested, engaged, and wanting to return every summer! Our campers make memories that will last a lifetime.


Our summer camp is for children ages 4 to 13 years. Campers enjoy 10 weeks of activities, including field trips, games, arts and crafts, cooking, science experiments, water play, in-house guests, and much more.

A camp calendar, provided at the beginning of the summer, covers the entire 10 weeks. The calendar will include a snapshot of what your child will be doing each day. All field trips are listed, with details such as the destination, time of departure, and expected time of return. In-house vendors will be listed, along with the times the visitors are expected to arrive. All fun days – such as wear-your-favorite-character day, crazy hat day, and others – will be listed on the calendar as well. You will never miss any important information.

2144 Route 130 N

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For toddler and preschoolers, we also offer a 10-week camp packed full of excitement and adventure – it’s just scaled down for their junior size. That means they get all the great weekly theme days, in-house guests, cooking projects, science, arts and crafts, and their favorite … WATER PLAY DAYS! 

For their safety – and to comply with New Jersey state regulations – our junior campers remain safe and secure at the center at all times. They do not travel on field trips. But they’ll be so busy making memories, they won’t even notice. On their camp calendar, you’ll find all the important camp information and details about activities, so you’ll know what your junior camper will be doing each day. We promise to provide your child with an action-packed summer full of the same excitement and adventures that our senior campers enjoy




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